Saturday, August 31, 2013

the secret to you..a gift from the secret scrolls

The Secret has been passed down through the ages... coveted, hidden, lost, stolen, bought for vast sums of money, and known by some of the most exceptional people who ever lived: Plato, Galileo, Da Vinci, Beethoven, Edison, and Einstein, to name but a few.

Everything is possible, nothing is impossible. There are no limits. Whatever you can dream of can be yours, when you use The Secret. 

Friday, August 30, 2013

What really matters

Sometimes, life can be very stressful. Lots to do, but not enough time. This 3-minute movie will put it all in perspective. It's all about our priorities and the choices we make. I'll will make you smile, make you think, and make you want to share it with everyone you know. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

I'm Stupid - By Chris Cade

A while back I was checking out several schools to see which one I would send my son too. While visiting one of them, I said hello to one of the students and asked him, "How are you?

Somewhat dishearteningly, he said to me: "I'm stupid."

My response was simple and matter of fact...

"I don't believe that."

The boy went on to tell me how he had forgotten something. I reassured him that I have forgotten many things, but that didn't make me -nor him- stupid.

He was not convinced.

(and reasonably so)

We chatted for a few minutes. And as I got to know this kid, two things were clear: First, he felt rather unseen and invisible. Secondly, he was obviously very good at video games.

I knew that was my hook...

"Did you know that there's several different types of intelligence?" I asked him. He looked at me quizzically, so I quickly leveraged the situation.

"It turns out that people have different kinds of 'smartness.' Some people are good at math, while others are good at reading. Some people are good at solving problems. Most people are naturally smart with some things, but other things require more effort and hard work for them to be smart at.

It sounds to me like you're smart at video games. And whether you realize it or not, that is going to be VERY helpful to you later on in life."

"Really?" he asked optimistically.

"Really," I reassured him solidly. "Clearly you're smart. You just didn't see it this way before, and that's okay. Most people have difficulty seeing how smart they really are."

The boy looked even more optimistic, so I went in for the final thought that I hoped would anchor our conversation into his consciousness...

"Remember... don't ever believe somebody when they say you're stupid... and that includes yourself."

He seemed to get it. Then a moment later, another boy came by and the two were off running.

Nevermind that the previously sullen boy was now skipping down the hallway. And with a smile on his face, he tossed back over his shoulder a simple line that communicated to me my work had been done:

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Smile for no good reason

by Dr. Lee Jampolsky

Have you ever noticed that two people can confront the same circumstances with very different reactions? This is a matter of attitude and nothing else. Freedom is being able to say, "Rich or poor, alone or with a mate, physically healthy or not, employed or laid off, I believe that peace of mind is possible."

We have all experienced what it is like to be having a perfectly fine day and have a situation or crisis arise that sends us into a tailspin. It may be something small like a traffic jam making us late, or something more severe like the loss of a job. Our response can seem automatic.

Though at first it may be difficult to accept, freedom depends on recognizing that you're not upset because of what occurred, you are upset because of how you perceive the situation. Key to Attitudinal Healing is recognizing that you are not a victim of the world.

Another way of saying this is: There is absolutely nothing in the world that has the power to ruin your day. If you are upset, it is because you have directed your mind to be so. Initially these truths can be hard to accept because you have become so accustomed to giving your power away. Every time you blame another person for your unhappiness you are giving your power away. Stop blaming and start healing.

How you perceive a situation will determine your experience and your reaction. Let's imagine that you have a favorite coffeehouse that you frequent. The staff knows your name and always has a warm and friendly greeting as you walk through the door. An extremely grumpy woman whom you have never seen before serves you this particular morning. She appears preoccupied rather than caring about you or what she is doing. As she pours your hot coffee a good portion spills in your lap. Despite your jumping in shock, no apology follows. Your experience is anger: both toward the waitress and the owner, Joe, for hiring such an incompetent person. Then, a friend of yours at the next booth says, "Isn't it great that Joe hired her!"

"Great! Are you out of your mind? She just spilled hot coffee in my lap and walked away," you reply with your best indignant voice.

"Oh, you didn't hear the story?" your friend whispers.

"What story?" you angrily reply, still drying off your new slacks, wondering how you will go through the day looking as though you wet your pants.

"Yeah, Joe didn't know her from Adam. He read in the paper that her husband had died last month in a car accident. Apparently her husband's health insurance stopped, and she was looking for another job in order to pay for her sixteen-year-old son's chemotherapy for leukemia," your friend responds.

Now, you still have hot coffee in your crotch, but are you still angry? Unlikely. The only thing that shifted was your perception and attitude. Through discovering a reason to be compassionate, your entire experience changed—and there are always reasons to be compassionate.

An important part of healing (i.e., letting go of fear) is developing compassion. Instead of going out in the world and finding plenty of reasons to be upset, go out and discover reasons to extend love. There are thousands of reasons waiting for you right now. A helpful thought to remember is that a miracle is nothing more than allowing an old grievance to become a current compassion.

If you ever run short on reasons to be compassionate, remember there is always one good reason: It makes you feel better than anything else you could do.

When you are upset remind yourself
the cause of your discomfort is your own attitude.
This is freedom

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Future Visioning

One of the most overlooked aspects of personal transformation is using the future to positively impact our present moment experience. Which interestingly enough, circles back to improve our future. :)
I use a future-based exercise in one of my Liberate Your Life lessons to help people forgive themselves, heal their pain, and model a positive future outcome. Program participants LOVE it. The thing is, that's just one way to leverage the power of the future to improve the quality of your present.
Spending a little bit of time in the future can also be used for manifestation. :)

Monday, August 26, 2013

Fear Vs God

Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must out-run
the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion
wakes up. It knows it must out-run the slowest gazelle or it will
starve. It doesn't matter whether you're a lion or a gazelle: When the
sun comes up, you'd better be running!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Friday, August 23, 2013

Wisdom from women... who made things happen

Throughout history there have been incredible women who have lead us, inspired us and encouraged us to do the right thing. The woman in this short movie all have one thing in common; rather than taking the road well traveled… they decided to blaze their own trail!

Click on link below and enjoy.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Stress is a choice

We  all go through life with some degree of stress. It’s natural. What’s unnatural is how much stress we carry on a daily basis.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A little bit edgy

Generally speaking, I've noticed that when I'm on the edge of another personal or professional evolution, the Divine gives me two basic choices:
(1) Resist. Kick. Scream. Push back.

And then I get dragged into whatever it is that the Divine wants me to pay attention to. :)

(2) Go with the flow, trust it, and see where it leads.

After trying option 1 for many years, I've learned that option 2 is just much easier all-around... and usually more fun, too!
I've hesitated for many reasons, and recently the Divine has made it clear to me (as it always does!) that I have the above two choices.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Attitude is everything. Is yours's worth catching?

Attitudes truly are contagious! Is yours worth catching? Take a 3 minute break to learn how to stay positive because our attitude not only impacts our own happiness but impacts the happiness and success of all the people around us…family, friends, and peers at work.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Life is a game of inches

There are certain truly incredible scenes from movies that not only capture the essence of the movie and create a memorable movie moment for the actors, but also capture the essence of the human experience and human spirit.

This motivational speech from the end of “Any  Given Sunday” reminds us of how to live our lives — not just in football, but in every moment of every day.

If you’ve never heard this speech from Al Pacino, you’re in for a treat. And if you have, it’s one of those that a person can never watch too many times — it’s inspiring every time.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The best of Success

Success! A magical word indeed, but what exactly is it? A onetime thing, like hitting a home run, scoring a touch down or winning a game? Is it a destination? Or a journey? Is there a fixed, clearly marked place called "Success" Or does it Vary from individual to individual?

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Power of Kindness

The year was 1863, on a spring day in Northern Pennsylvania. A poor boy was selling goods door-to-door to pay his way through school. He realized he had only a dime left, and that he was hungry. So he decided he would ask for a meal at the next house. However, he lost his nerve when a lovely young woman opened the door.

Instead of a meal, he asked for a drink of water. She thought he looked hungry and so she brought him a large glass of milk. He drank it slowly, and then asked, "How much do I owe you?"

"You don't owe me anything," she replied. "Mother has taught us never to accept pay for a kindness." He said, "Then I thank you from my heart." As Howard Kelly left that house, he not only felt stronger physically, but his faith in God and man was strengthened also. He had been ready to give up and quit.
Years later, that young woman became critically ill. The local doctors were baffled. They finally sent her to the big city, where they called in specialists to study her rare disease.

Dr. Howard Kelly was called in for the consultation. When he heard the name of the town she came from, he went down the hall of the hospital to her room. Dressed in his doctor's gown, he went in to see her. He recognized her at once. He went back to the consultation room determined to do his best to save her life. From that day, he gave special attention to the case.

After a long struggle, the battle was won. Dr. Kelly requested from the business office to pass the final billing to him for approval. He looked at it, then wrote something on the edge, and the bill was sent to her room. She feared to open it, for she was sure it would take the rest of her life to pay for it all. Finally, she looked, and something caught her attention on the side of the bill. She read these words:

Dr. Howard Kelly*
*Dr. Howard Kelly was a distinguished physician who, in 1895, founded the Johns Hopkins Division of Gynecologic Oncology at Johns Hopkins University. According to Dr. Kelly's biographer, Audrey Davis, the doctor was on a walking trip through Northern Pennsylvania one spring day when he stopped by a farm house for a drink of water.
This beautiful story about Dr. Howard Kelly is one of many true stories found in The Power of Kindness. I love the quote from Leo Buscaglia:
"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around."
Quite frankly, this is the part about kindness that we all understand. But it's the other part that many of us fail to grasp.

That is...practicing random acts of kindness can change our lives! And that is what this book is all about.

The great English writer, Aldous Huxley, was a pioneer in the study techniques to develop human potential. In a lecture toward the end of his life, he said this:
"People often ask me...what is the most effective technique for transforming their lives?"
He then said, "It's a little embarrassing that after years and years of research, my best answer is—just be a little kinder."

This is the paradox of the power of kindness. It doesn't feel powerful at all. In fact, it almost feels too simple to be important. But as Huxley said, it is the #1 thing that can transform your life.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Eat that frog

An excerpt from
Eat That Frog!
by Brian Tracy

The 80/20 Rule is one of the most helpful of all concepts of time and life management. It is also called the "Pareto Principle" after its founder, the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, who first wrote about it in 1895. Pareto noticed that people in his society seemed to divide naturally into what he called the "vital few", the top 20 percent in terms of money and influence, and the "trivial many", the bottom 80 percent.

He later discovered that virtually all economic activity was subject to this principle as well. For example, this principle says that 20 percent of your activities will account for 80 percent of your results, 20 percent of your customers will account for 80 percent of your sales, 20 percent of your products or services will account for 80 percent of your profits, 20 percent of your tasks will account for 80 percent of the value of what you do, and so on. This means that if you have a list of ten items to do, two of those items will turn out to be worth five or ten times or more than the other eight items put together.

Number of Tasks versus Importance of Tasks
Here is an interesting discovery. Each of the ten tasks may take the same amount of time to accomplish. But one or two of those tasks will contribute five or ten times the value of any of the others.

Often, one item on a list of ten tasks that you have to do can be worth more than all the other nine items put together. This task is invariably the frog that you should eat first.

Focus on Activities, Not Accomplishments
The most valuable tasks you can do each day are often the hardest and most complex. But the payoff and rewards for completing these tasks efficiently can be tremendous. For this reason, you must adamantly refuse to work on tasks in the bottom 80 percent while you still have tasks in the top 20 percent left to be done.

Before you begin work, always ask yourself, "Is this task in the top 20 percent of my activities or in the bottom 80 percent?"

The hardest part of any important task is getting started on it in the first place. Once you actually begin work on a valuable task, you will be naturally motivated to continue. A part of your mind loves to be busy working on significant tasks that can really make a difference. Your job is to feed this part of your mind continually.

Motivate Yourself
Just thinking about starting and finishing an important task motivates you and helps you to overcome procrastination. Time management is really life management, personal management. It is really taking control of the sequence of events. Time management is having control over what you do next. And you are always free to choose the task that you will do next. Your ability to choose between the important and the unimportant is the key determinant of your success in life and work.

Effective, productive people discipline themselves to start on the most important task that is before them. They force themselves to eat that frog, whatever it is. As a result, they accomplish vastly more than the average person and are much happier as a result. This should be your way of working as well.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What it takes to be number one

The Lombardi philosophy transcends football!  Commitment, Discipline, Excellence, Mental Toughness, Habit, Faith, Passion, Results, and Truths.  His powerful words capture the fundamentals of success in any sport, business and life.

So, sit back, crank up your speakers and watch this as many times as you need. You may forward it to those you care about and believe would benefit from its message as well.


Dare to believe in yourself

Central to this presentation is the ability to stay competitive in the often cut-throat world of business, to 'swim with the sharks', without sacrificing one's personal integrity or doing it at the expense of other people. Do this by focusing on building strong relationships with both customers and employees.

Friday, August 9, 2013


In my many years of business and life, I realize that there are quite a few things that separate the good from the great. But, if you asked me to pick only one reason why some are more successful than others, I would offer you this…your willingness to PERSEVERE.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Short Stories

"Buddha Is Abused"

Buddha seemed quite unruffled by the insults hurled at him by a visitor. When his disciples later asked him what the secret of his serenity was, he said:

"Imagine what would happen if someone placed an offering before you and you did not pick it up. Or someone sent you a letter that you refused to open; you would be unaffected by its contents, would you not?

Do this each time you are abused and you will not lose your serenity."

"Losing Everything"

Mulla came upon a frowning man walking along the road to town. "What's wrong?" he asked. The man held up a tattered bag and moaned, "All that I own in this wide world barely fills this miserable, wretched sack."

"Too bad," said Mulla, and with that, he snatched the bag from the man's hands and ran down the road with it.

Having lost everything, the man burst into tears and, more miserable than before, continued walking. Meanwhile, Mulla quickly ran around the bend and placed the man's sack in the middle of the road where he would have to come upon it.

When the man saw his bag sitting in the road before him, he laughed with joy, and shouted, "My sack! I thought I'd lost you!"

Watching through the bushes, Mulla chuckled. "Well, that's one way to make someone happy!"


A gambler once said to the Master, "I was caught cheating at cards yesterday, so my partners beat me up and threw me out of the window. What would you advise me to do?"

The Master looked straight through the man and said, "If I were you, from now on I would play on the ground floor."

This startled the disciples. "Why didn't you tell him to stop gambling?" they demanded.

"Because I knew he wouldn't."

"Porcupines And The Coldest Winter Ever"

It was the coldest winter ever, and many animals died because of the cold. The porcupines, realizing the situation, decided to group together. This way they covered and protected themselves.

But the quills of each one wounded their closest companions even though they shared their heat with each other. After awhile, they decided to distance themselves one from the other to stop being wounded.

As they did this, they began to die... alone and frozen.

So they had to make a choice: either accept the quills of their companions or disappear from the Earth. Wisely, they decided to go back to being together.

This way they learned to live with the little wounds that were caused by the close relationship with their companion, but the most important part of it, was the heat that came from the others that enabled them to survive the coldest winter ever.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

212: The Extra Degree

At 211°, water is hot. At 212°, it boils. That one extra degree makes all the difference. Are you content with just being pretty good? Or are you ready to go the extra degree? There's a reason this movie has been watched by thousands of people.

I encourage you to take 3 minutes right now to view this inspiring video!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

3 quick tips to start your day off right

By Chris Cade:
Most of the time I'm writing about new mindset shifts. Ways we can look at the world differently.

Today I'm taking a slight departure from that to give you some very quick and actionable strategies to get each day started off on the right foot.  They don't take much time, and they really do support me in living an awesome life.

And since I'm all about supporting you in living an awesome life, that's why I want to share them with you :)

Here you go...
#1: Drink a glass of water FIRST thing in the morning

No, not 10 minutes or 20 minutes later. Before I go to sleep each night, I fill a glass of water and place it next to my bed. As soon as I wake up, I drink the whole thing. I started with a half-glass, and have worked my way up to anywhere between a full 12oz glass and my 27oz water bottle.


Throughout the night we expel water with every breath and literally become dehydrated. The negative effects of dehydration on the brain are well documented and impair both short-term and long-term memory. When we're deh ydrated, our head feels foggy and we feel tired. In fact, it sometimes feels like a hangover even if we haven't been drinking at all.

Unfortunately, most people who feel tired when they wake up reach for a cup of coffee for the caffeine. This is actually the worst decision people can make first thing in the morning because the caffeine dehydrates them even MORE.  Then the vicious cycle is created of wanting more coffee to feel awake and dehydrating further.
My advice is simple...

Drink one glass of water first thing in the morning. Do this for 30 days, then try going a day without it. You'll feel the "hangover" instantly and truly understand what you've been doing to your body -your entire life- by not drinking water first thing in the morning.
And you don't have to give up your coffee, either. All I'm suggesting is *first* get that 6oz (or more) glass of water in you before doing anything else. Then if you still want that coffee with breakfast, drink it. At least then you'll be helping hydrate your brain and body while minimizing the dehydrating effects of the caffeine in your coffee.
#2: Do something that feels good

Each morning upon waking, my son comes in and we curl up for a few minutes before starting the day. Chemically, this causes each of our bodies to release good feeling endorphins - oxytocin and others, just like dark chocolate and exercise do.

For each of us, that "feel good" something can be different. Maybe for you it's writing down or thinking about a few things you're grateful for. What a great way to start the day!

For another, it might be watching the sunrise. Or a hug from a loved one. Or a meditation.

It doesn't matter what it is. Just each day for at least a few seconds...

(really, it doesn't have to be long, though longer is better!)

Do something that feels emotionally and physically good - that releases positive endorphin - and you'll instantly start your day off on the right food!

#3: Avoid TV & News in the morning

It's no mystery that most of our news and media is filled with negative stories. Unfortunately, many peoples' first inclination in the morning is to watch the news or read the paper (physical, online, or on the radio while driving to work) so they can know what's happening in the world.

While I personally avoid as much news as possible, at the very least *I beg you* to please grant yourself a morning break from the news. Starting your day off with negativity, even if you don't consciously notice it, it does impact your consciousness and the quality of your day.

And if you absolutely must "stay informed" then just wait an hour or two before you check it out. Give yourself a chance to actually wake up and enjoy your day before you expose yourself to the harshness of our world.

Or you can just subscribe to something like the "Good News Network" and make sure that if you're going to be reading news first thing in the morning, it's good news. ;)

(I love their newsletter!)

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed these quick tips to start your day off right!

If you do these 3 simple things for just 30 days you will experience BIG shifts in how your days go. The way you wake up each day is what sets the momentum for the rest of your day. It's always your choice - my hope is that these 3 quick tips (that don't take almost any time) will help you kickstart your day right and create positive momentum that helps you live an optimal life.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Courage Does not always roar

An excerpt from
Courage Does Not Always Roar
Foreword by Mary Anne Radmacher

I'll never forget that first night in our new apartment. I had spent the previous week getting the place ready for us to move in as I prepared for the next chapter in my life: a single mom going back to college with my four-year-old son, Michael, in tow.

We had lived with my parents in Dover, Delaware, for a year after my marriage broke up. They were so patient and generous as they gave me space and time to figure out what I was going to do with the rest of my life. I was just 23 years old—disappointed in love and confused about my future. I finally decided I needed to go to college and get an education.

I had very little money to start my new life—$100 a month child support and $100 a month from my parents. I rented a basement apartment in Newark, where the University of Delaware was located, a hundred miles north of Dover. I furnished it with a $10 army cot for Michael, a $40 used bed for myself, a $10 table on which to study, and two empty beer kegs with pillows on top for stools. My coffee table was two cinderblock bricks with a board across the top. There was no sofa, just a small Greek flokati rug to sit on the floor. A bookcase held my radio/receiver, turntable, and a pair of small stereo speakers. The apartment looked like a typical college student apartment, except that in our case, the student was a young single mother with a toddler.

Michael and I spent our first day unpacking and putting our clothes and personal things away in the closets and cabinets. His toys filled a plastic laundry basket. We went to the market to stock up on food and got the kitchen all ready to use. It had been a busy day.

Bedtime came and after his bath, I knelt to tuck Michael into his army cot. Tears welled up in his eyes as I leaned over to kiss him goodnight. "I'm scared," he started to cry. "I want to go back to Grandma's house."

I wrapped my arms around him. "I know, sweetheart. I want to go back to Grandma's house too," I said as I started to cry, too. "But we can't—we have to stay here and start our new life. From now on it's just you and me."

We clung to each other and sobbed. We felt like a couple of orphans, suddenly finding ourselves alone that night, knowing we had to make our own way in the world.

There were no reassuring bedtime stories or fairy tales to make us feel better. We just hugged each other. Michael finally fell asleep in my arms and I went off to sleep in my own room.

That was many years ago and needless to say, we survived that night. We rose to the challenges of the following days, weeks, months and years. It wasn't easy for either of us. I often say that Michael and I took turns raising each other.

And we still like to go to Grandma's house—but we're not afraid to sleep in our own beds, in our own homes, anymore.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Are you making these 3 mistakes with your affirmations

We've all heard that affirmations are powerful, yet most people still fall into one of two categories:

- Not using them
- Not using them effectively

Few people are actually using affirmations in ways that create visible results in their lives.


Here's what I believe are the biggest three reasons...

#1: Just not using them

Although this seems obvious, I have to say it. Some people are handed a golden opportunity on a silver platter, and instead they opt for eating out of the dog's bowl instead. I can't fault them. Most people who have heard of affirmations haven't experienced their true power.
Some people never start using them. Other people used them ineffectively, then stopped when they didn't see results. It's understandable. It's also unfortunate.

When people actually use affirmations though, they often come up against one of the following two challenges that can cause their best-laid plans to backfire.

#2: Using incorrect words that actually REPEL what they want

(like "ideal" and "attract")

There's a whole category of words that people mistakenly use in their affirmations, not realizing that by using these specific words (even ones they've been TOLD to use), that they are actually programming their mind for self-sabotage.

In my e-book "Supercharge Your Affirmations," I list the "Unlucky 13" which include the words "ideal" and "attract."

Let me tell you a story to explain why...

When I was at my firewalk retreat last year, I was introduced to an affirmation that helps people move past their money blockages. That affirmation was:

"People love to give me money."

Sounds great, right?

Not so fast. Because I understood the nature of affirmations and using Conscious Language, I immediately recognized the fallacy in that affirmation.

Just because people loved to give me money, didn't mean they actually would! They could love to do something and not actually do it. I didn't like that. Consequently, I began using the affirmation "People love giving me money." This way I am affirming the actual exchange of energy that occurs with money.

Knowing these kinds of subtle differences in using conscious language make ALL the difference in your affirmations. Fortunately, it can be learned quite easily.

Please do yourself a favor: Never use the words "attract" or "ideal" in your affirmations.

There's plenty of words you can use instead of those two that are part of the Unlucky 13. Now that little rant aside, here's the 3rd big mistake people make with affirmations.

#3 Not integrating affirmations into your life holistically

Most people who do affirmations pick just one way to use them. Maybe they write them down once (or type them), and then say them out loud. Perhaps they go a bit further and say them out loud in the mirror each day.
The thing is, affirmations work by repetition. And they need to be integrated into your life fully. Not just halfway. Not just "good enough" because when it comes to affirmations, we are trying to really change the programming we use to navigate the world.

That's not easy.

That's also why with my own affirmations, I use multiple methods to integrate them into my life. I have an affirmation on my computer desktop, I have another one on my mouse pad, I use technology to run my affirmations all day long while I work on my computer.

And that's just the start!

Here's why this is so important...

While many people who teach affirmations focus on the subconscious mind, and that's important, affirmations can ALSO be used as conscious present-moment reminders to re-align with what we want in our lives.

For example, let's say you're going about your day normally. Suddenly you look at your computer desktop wallpaper and see an affirmation that says, "I eat healthy, vibrant, energizing foods."

You pause for a moment and look at the stack of cookies next to you and realize you're not living in alignment with this affirmation. You then make a choice to ditch the cookies, drink some water and enjoy an apple.
Now that might not be your particular situation nor preference. However, it illustrates a key point: Affirmations aren't just for your subconscious mind. When you integrate them into your life, they can be used as conscious reminders to live an incredible life.

Of course the kicker is - when you take ACTIONS that are in alignment with your intentions, you rapidly change your subconscious beliefs to come into alignment with those intentions.

In fact, action is a much much faster way to change your subconscious beliefs than any other method. And this is on top of using affirmations in subconscious passive ways to reprogram your mind on autopilot.

Wrapping up...

I could go on about the pitfalls people have with affirmations. Really, there's a lot of them. However, today I just wanted to show you the top 3 mistakes that people make.

That way you can avoid the pitfalls and be sure to stay focused on exactly what you want to get out of life. :)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Just Believe
Inspirational and Motivational Quotes. Believe in yourself and you can accomplish anything in life.

The music is "Bathed in Warmth" by George Nascimento.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Just Believe - Your faith is stronger than you know

You can purchase/listen to the full version of this video at - (I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!) They have over 474 Audio Lectures & hundreds of spiritual and metaphysical books available for your listening pleasure.

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