Friday, May 23, 2014

cup cake

First of all, anybody who know me personally knows that I just LOVE chocolate. Love love LOVE chocolate. :)

Well, last month I found myself in an interesting situation where I felt deeply like God was working through me.

I was at away for the weekend attending a spiritual class and I had just finished lunch. There was a cupcake place nearby, and I found myself really wanting a chocolate cupcake.

Upon arriving at the cupcake shop, there were a lot of cupcakes.

(sort of)

See, the woman head of me bought a couple dozen cupcakes, including the last of the...


There had been several. Then in a flash right before my eyes, they were gone!

Fortunately there were a few mini cupcakes left, so I bought two: One red velvet, and of course one chocolate. :)

As I walked outside, there was a homeless man sitting on a bench.

Not only was he homeless, he was clearly mentally ill.  He looked up at me as though to ask for change, and though the words didn't quite come out right it was clear he was asking for help.

My heart opened and I felt so much compassion and I wanted to give him a little bit of money.

Except that my hands were full with a cupcake in each.

Rather than ignoring him...

And rather than fumbling with cupcakes and pockets and wallets to get him some change as I initially felt compelled to do...

I looked him heartfully in the eye and simply asked:

"Which one do you want?"

His reply...


Without hesitation, I handed it to him.

And the look of wonder in his eye...

And the childlike innocent joyful smile on his face...

Made it all worth it.

I was reminded of something that Nick Vujicic said when I heard him speak in Portland a few years ago:

"When God doesn't grant your miracles, remember you are the miracle he sent for somebody else."

To me, the cupcake was a small thing. To that man, it may have very well been a small miracle.

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