Saturday, September 19, 2015

A 12 year old paints heaven - absolutely amazing

Makes one pause, and reflect!!
Some of her art work is at Mardel and is so beautiful it takes your breath away.
If you read the book “Heaven is for Real,” this is the little girl who was talked about in the book and her rendition of Christ. Every time the little boy in the book saw a picture of Christ, his folks would ask him if the pictures he saw actually looked like Christ. He would always say no until he saw Akiane’s picture of Christ, then he said this is what Christ looks like. After you scroll through her artwork there is a video at the end.
Absolutely amazing.
Be sure and watch her video very near the end of the site,
after the last picture in the slide presentation.

This is just too beautiful to describe.......................
The Video on the little girl's web site is beautiful and amazing.
This artist is lovely and her work is gorgeously spiritual.

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