Saturday, October 8, 2016

Tinfoil cape

Kristin Geer talks about resilience in women and why some women are able to bounce forward, instead of just bouncing back from adversity. She talks about how society needs to help us cope through our predestined pivot points, and how working together can ultimately change one's perspective on the world itself.

Kristin Geer is a three-time Emmy Award-winning journalist who pivoted from television news after an ovarian cancer diagnosis and started a nonprofit to raise money for cancer research and education. She also started a television production studio, producing nationally syndicated television shows but had to pivot again, during the recession.

Kristin is a 1991 graduate of Concordia College, currently pursuing her Master’s Degree at Johns Hopkins University. Her goal is to incorporate her thesis research into a book she’s writing about pivotal transformations by women, who have not only bounced back after surviving a crisis, have gone on to turn their pain into purpose for the greater good.

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