Monday, December 2, 2013

Inner Critics

We are all born with a C3P0 of an Inner Critic babbling away in our head...

Constantly telling us how the odds are against us and we should just give up.

In order to get anything done we have to silence that self-critical voice. It is the primary barrier to our changing our lives for the better. That's why once it's out of the way, we can truly begin our incredible hero's journey – whether it's one of self-discovery, of changing old habits, a new career or learning a new language.

But as long as we have this neurotic voice in our heads telling us why we can't do something then we will never make as much progress as we are truly capable of.

When the Inner Critic is out of our lives (or at least silenced), we are able to fully engage with whatever program, book or teacher we are studying. We're able to manifest the things and people we want more easily, and able to connect more fully.

Our Inner Critics love to tell us that we can never learn __________

Or that we can never practice ________

Or that we'll never become _______.

Our Inner Critic doesn't really care what "blank" is – it tries to tell us that you can't do it.

"Photo-reading? Mind power? Italian? Martial arts? The Law of Attraction? You can't learn that!" says your Inner Critic. "Who are you kidding? Or even if you did make some progress it wouldn't produce any real results. You could have spent that time enjoying yourself -- watching TV, going shopping, or even some superficial chatting with friends."

Sometimes our Inner Critics are direct like that, but not always. It can actually become far more stealthy than that. Still, some subconscious or conscious variation of this Inner Critic dialogue is true for everyone who isn't living their ideal lives.

(however they define those to be)

The thing is, our Inner Critics don't want us to change our lives. It only wants to keep us "comfortable."

If we have enough food in the fridge, our Inner Critic might not punish us. If we paid the rent or mortgage this month, things are probably good (enough).

Like a baby the Inner Critic is primarily concerned about survival: eating, sleeping, pooping, peeing... Or much like our caveman ancestors who did not know how to stop food from rotting or to farm – the kill of the day was all that mattered.

But we are neither children nor caveman. We want so much more from life.

We DESERVE so much more from life.

And while we may enjoy some of the the distractions that 80% of the population embraces as a lifestyle – celebrities, sports, beer – to live that way constantly just isn't fulfilling enough for people like you and me who want, and deserve, to live up to our greatest potential.

We all want to move forward. We all want to discover what our purposes are here on earth and what we are truly capable of.

Unfortunately, our Inner Critics get in the way of that.

They have to go.

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