Wednesday, April 2, 2014

No more inner work for me. I quit

Chris Cade writes: Sometimes quitting can be a good thing. For example, I've decided to quit doing "inner work."

I know it'll be a tough shift. Especially since this is something I've done for so long. Still, I feel it's necessary.


Because frankly speaking, I don't feel that the word "work" is an accurate representation of my experience.

It's easy to get stuck in a rut trying to "fix" ourselves. When we feel pain or see a blockage in our lives, the natural inclination is to try and do anything we can to remove the blockage or eliminate the pain.

In other words, we see ourselves as broken and we don't want to be that way. So we do "work" to try and dig ourselves out of the rut or fix what we perceive as broken.

Here's the deal though...

Are you ready for this?

We're not broken.

When we specifically think that there's some flaw in us that needs to be fixed, what we're really doing is limiting ourselves. We're unconsciously avoiding all the other possibilities for our personal growth so that we can focus on the part of us that feels flawed.

From my limited perspective, I feel that kind of thinking is actually flawed because it means we aren't allowing the Divine to reveal to us what we most need to see and know.

So what are we really doing when we focus on "inner work"?


It's a beautifully perfect acronyn in this case. "To Be Determined" is exactly what happens when we place our faith in the Divine. We trust that the Divine will determine what we most need to know, see, experience, etc.

In this case though, TBD specifically stands for three things needed for the inner journey home:
  1. Truth
  2. Being
  3. Deepening
Truth is the clarification of perception. It's allowing ourselves to let go of the ways in which we inaccurately see reality, and instead, focus on seeing exactly what it is, how it is, when it is, where it is, as it is.

Being is the orientation towards Presence. It's living in the Now. It's allowing ourselves to be exactly where we are with our attention focused on this moment. Journeying inwards without our Presence and Being is only going to be psychological, and therefore, inherently limited to just one aspect of our entire human potential. Psychological work without Presence creates a lot of ideas without any actual transformation or change.

Deepening is allowing ourselves to more fully experience the qualities of our true nature so that they can support our inner journey. Courage? Strenght? Joy? Compassion? We've all already got these qualities within us. Part of the inner journey is allowing Truth and Being to support us Deepening into those qualities.

Long story short...

I quit.

I'm not going to refer to these experiences as "inner work" anymore.

That kind of phrasing only sets our brains up to make this journey far more difficult than it needs to be.I choose to relax a little bit, give myself a break, and find en-joy-ment in discovering new things about myself and the world.

I'm not broken. You're not broken.

We are cosmic adventurers on a grand journey inwards...

Towards the center of our hearts...

Our souls...

And our greatest most beautiful potential. :)

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