Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pay it forward

Have you ever been in line to get coffee and the person in front of you pays for your order? It makes you feel pretty great. And it makes you want to pass that feeling on to someone else. The ripple effect of just one small act of kindness can make a positive difference in so many people’s lives!

In honor of small acts of kindness, we’re celebrating Pay It Forward Day! Today, people all over the world will take the time to do something nice for someone else, and the happiness will continue to spread. Join us by doing something small just to make someone’s day.

When you think about a random act of kindness you can do today, remember these 3 things:
1.  Anyone can make a difference. When 8-year-old Katelyn Indelicato heard about a local man who was shot and paralyzed as an innocent bystander in a drive-by shooting, she wanted to help him any way she could. She emptied her own piggy bank and raised money to pay for a physical therapy session for a complete stranger who was going through a tough time. “Anyone can make a difference,” Katelyn said. “You can be more than what you are right now. You can do more than what you’ve already done.”

If a 3rd grader can make a difference, you can too.
2.  A single small act of goodwill has the potential to make a huge difference. In 1963, Edward Lorenz presented a hypothesis to the New York Academy of Science: A butterfly could flap its wings and set molecules of air in motion, which would move other molecules of air, in turn moving more molecules of air—eventually capable of starting a hurricane on the other side of the planet. He was laughed out of the conference, his hypothesis preposterous. More than thirty years later, the butterfly effect was found to be authentic, accurate, and viable.

Just like the flap of a butterfly’s wings can cause a hurricane, an act of kindness by one person can make the world a more positive place.

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