Monday, May 27, 2013

The Holy Rosary

Blessed Mother, tell us
How came you by this prayer?
Avenue of God's own grace -
Oh tell us, Mother Fair!

Handmaid of the Lord,
Living will of God;
We're sure the Holy Rosary
Came somehow by His nod.

Dear Mary, we are puzzled
We know not how for sure -
But since you know the secret,
Please tell us, Mother Pure!

My child, here is the answer
Who gave this prayer to me:
The center of the Rosary -
God the Son, you see!

Jesus fashioned it Himself
For me to give to you;
Remind you of His life, His death
And resurrection too.

So pray the Rosary daily -
God's gift of meditation;
Pray to bring true peace on earth
Restore all of Creation.

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