Monday, October 28, 2013

"How you spend your money is how you vote on what exists in the world." – Vicki Robin

P.S. In regards to the above quote from Vicki Robin...

Everything we spend money on is a silent agreement that we support it's existence AND how it came to be. For example, when we purchase blue items we are quietly 'voting' for blue to exist in the world.

Or when we purchase non-organic food, we are quietly 'voting' to have pesticides and GMOs in our food.

When we purchase books from a certain author, we are quietly 'voting' to support that author and all the messages that author seeks to bring to the world.

Then there's things like charitable organizations. When we support Pachamama Alliance, we're voting to protect the rainforests of the Amazon.

Those are a few examples.

It goes on... basically everything we purchase is our way of saying "I want more of this in the world."

That's why I'm voting to bring conscious movies to the mainstream media. :)

 P.S. I also recognize that it's not always just "black and white..."

Sometimes our choices are limited. Perhaps we can't afford to eat organic food, so we must eat conventional. Or maybe we live in an area where organic food isn't even available, so we eat conventional food full of pesticides. Maybe we can't afford to donate money to support Milton's Secret, so we share it on Facebook.

Still, the fundamentals are basically there. Usually we can do -something- to vote with our money or at least our actions that can effect the energy of money. Whether it's just one very small change... perhaps even a $1 donation to a favorite charity or conscious movie production, or to commit to just purchasing a few organic fruits, and so on.

Whatever our hearts are passionate about, we can choose more consciously to support them.

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