Thursday, June 11, 2015

Why do bad things happen to people who follow their dreams

Have you ever feel like you are just coasting through life & missing out on becoming the person you were destined to be?

Or have you felt like you're trying your hardest to live up to your greatest potential -- to make a difference - to live out those dreams in your heart...

But something keeps getting in your way? Holding you back?

This can be discouraging. Somewhere along the way we might lose sight and motivation to pursue what really makes us happy.

We might resign ourselves to being okay with just getting by in life. And accepting that some people get to live their dreams...

(just not us)

Sometimes the weight of our daily lives can deter us from taking the first step towards manifesting our heart's desires. Towards living a life of abundance. And towards truly living up to our greatest potential.

While that might sound pretty heavy - today's video is REALLY powerful.

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