Monday, February 25, 2013

40 Days of Lent - Day 12

Day 12~ "A Day At A Time"
February 24, 2013
Here we have Ed taking our pro-life signs, bannner and flags and setting up for us at the Planned Parenthood Prayer Site.
And as the day's sun sleeps, we see our faithful couple,

Evie and Victor holding a message of forgiveness during these 40 Days of Lent.
Below we have a message from Sean who took the 1 PM today:
Hello Eileen~
Today at the 1pm hour I was holding the sign of the baby at 8 weeks and a van slowly stopped in front of me. The driver ( a mother) rolled down her window and the window in the back for her 2 children. They were asking questions about the sign and the mom explained to them that it was a picture of a baby in the womb at 8 weeks. The kids were very interested and so cute...around 3 - 5 years old.
Also, earlier I saw a 2 or 3 year old boy in his seat in the back of the car and he could not stop looking at the picture of the baby. He kept moving his little body around so that he could get a better view.
The young are drawn to the TRUTH at such a young age and it is a beautiful testimony to LIFE! For it is clear that they know the WAY! :)
These are the Rosary Beads that were found at the site if anyone is looking for them.
Please pray even more for NY State is under pressure by our Governor to legalize killing while birthing (Partial Birth Abortion) and make extreme laws that will not protect or give help or health to women in crisis pregnancies.
Please call 518-474-8390 and lovingly voice your opposition to this so called Reproduction Health Act". Please ask others in your family, your churches and your neighbors. We can make a difference.
As I called Father Bob Ley who has consistently taken the 11am on Monday for many years, he told me: "ONE DAY AT A TIME".

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