Thursday, February 28, 2013

40 Days of Lent - Day 15

Day 15~If Today You Hear His Voice, Harden Not Your Hearts!~
February 27, 2013
There is a silent voice from within that calls to us.
Yes, it is the voice of God asking us to do whatever we possibly can to be that light in such a time of great darkness where the taking of innocent human life is celebrated and glorified.
Thank you, Thelma and Tom for the above pictures!
All through the day,

God's people came


Thank you, Alemda, Bernadette and Peter!


Thank you, Richard~


You have shown all of us how to love~


Your leadership humbles all of us!




Rockland County is "PRO-LIFE" because of you!


Thank you, Kathy, for your faithful witness!


Thank you, Marie and Radcliff and John for the above pictures.

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Next, we have a letter from Sr. Lucy Marie
Please share this with your Pastors, Deacons, etc.
Dear Reverend Fathers and Deacons,
As you are very much aware, and a Vicar General Mailing going out this week will contain more info, Governor Cuomo is putting a lot of energy and seeking to pass an extreme abortion bill called the Reproductive Health Act.   This bill, amongst other things, would hurt women by removing all restrictions on abortion in New York State.  We have developed certain materials to assist in your educational efforts and these are available on our website   
Several priests, members of Cardinal Dolan’s Pro-Life Commission, have also prepared sample homilies specifically incorporating this abortion bill.  These homilies have been prepared for March 5th, 10th and 17th and are available at this link  They are in Word format so that you can easily edit them as you wish. 
Thank you for your efforts to inform and make your parishioners aware of this dangerous bill. 
God bless you.
Sr. Lucy Marie
Respect Life Coordinator
Archdiocese of New York
1011 First Ave, 7th floor
New York, NY  10022
Mon-Thurs 9:45am-4:45pm
Lastly, we have a great video-
Please take the time to watch this.

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