Tuesday, February 26, 2013

40 Days of Lent - Day 13

Day 13~Dare To Dream- GOD IS HERE !
February 25, 2013
Such JOY from Terri and Father Joseph at the 10 am hour~

Ray, at the 4 PM hour told me of many motorists offering positive support!
Arlette and Howard are the great HOPE for all those who do not think Democrats are PRO-LIFE!!
You are our treasured examples of love in action!
On day 13 of our Fall 40 days for LIFE, this is who visited our Planned Parenthood Prayer Site:

Hi Eileen
We are never alone!
See who joined me during the prayer vigil! I always do have angels praying with me at the site, and today a host of them 'crashed the party' as one of the sisters put it....:)
Thank you to Nina for the picture of the Sisters of LIFE!
All the prayer and fasting ~ Hours, Days, Months, and YEARS~ More than 5 years~ God is sending Rabbis, Ministers, Priests, Sisters, and the Sisters of LIFE!
We are hoping the Sisters come and pray with us soon.
Very important to pray at 3 PM for this:

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