Sunday, March 24, 2013

Catholics at the Capitol

Catholics at the Capitol- II
March 20, 2013
Our bus was blessed to have the religious sisters among us~
Young people who are the survivors ~
of the abortion "choice" and they are on a mission!
The YOUTH led us in prayer:
"Lord, help us change hears and bring Your JUSTICE"!
There were people from all over New York State- fellow brothers and sisters in Christ~
So many~
I met with Assemblyman Skoufis who represents Stony Point and Orange County.
He is need of prayers to convert his heart from the culture of death to the culture of LIFE. While gracious, Skoufis is supported and endorsed by Planned Parenthood and does not yet see that there is no one more poorer or weaker than a child in the womb~
Patrick representing Senator Larkin's office was very supportive of our issues~
especially protecting the precious gift of LIFE in the womb~
Thousands joined in praying the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary~ We prayed the Glorious Mysteries~
The highlight of the trip to Albany was the 1:30 PM Mass at the Cathdral of the Immaculate Conception Church.
The wonderful Knights of Columbus led in the Bishops and Priests~
and they were singing~
And the thousand sang with great love because they felt the presence of the Holy Spirit!
1)We Oppose the Reproductive Health Act (RHA)
If there is one single message we can convey today, it is that our state in under attack by Governor Cuomo for this radical bill known as RHA
Reproductive Health Act.
This has nothing to do with health and everything to do with more abortions, less limitation(birthing while killing) non- doctors performing abortions, Catholic hospitals forced to provide abortions, Catholic Charities and Schools to counsel for abortions- etc.
Please watch these two 30 second videos and if you can help with a tax deductable gift to run the ads on Cablevision in Rockland, please do so~
If you can help with a TAX DEDUCTABLE DONATION (any amount is greatly appreciated) so that we can run these ads in Rockland County on Cablevision:
Please send whatever you can to
P.O. BOX 111
Call the Governor's office at 518-474-8390
Call your Senator- Carlucci- 518-455-2991
Call your Assembly Person- Zebrowski- 518-455-5735
Jaffee- 518-455-5118
2)We Want To Preserve Catholic Schools and Provide Equity for All School Children
3)Ensure Medicaid Redesign Provides Quality Care
4)Affordable Housing for Low-Income and Vulnerable Populations
5)Humane Treatment for Incarcerated Individuals

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