Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Just saying the word 'God'

Just saying the word "God" sends some people into a rage and others into profound peace. It causes wars and creates divine unions. People blame God for the bad in their lives while praising God for the gifts.

I find it amazing how one word can have such different meanings to so many people. There are as many meanings for the word "God" as there are people on the planet.

To some, God is personified - an all-knowing sentient being who consciously and intentionally creates situations.

(whether it's pleasure or suffering, peace or war, cancer or miracle healings).
To others, God is an omnipresent field of organizing energy which has no conscious awareness, yet all consciousness arises from.
And others don't even acknowledge the concept of "God" in any form.
Regardless of what you may believe about God...
Regardless of what you may have discovered to be personally true about God...
I think it's important to really acknowledge that God means different things to different people.

The thing is, none of this is really about God.
In this write up God is a metaphor for you and every experience you've ever had, are having, and will have.

Because each and every one of them, every thought, every emotion, every story you've ever told yourself means something different to you than it does to anybody else.

And if we can get so riled up about a three-letter word such as "God," consider how much more we get riled up each and every day with entire sentences...

P.S. Only by acknowledging how you fundamentally view the world differently from others can you develop the awareness to have compassion for those who are different from you.

P.P.S. And by "those who are different from you," I mean everybody you ever come into contact with. :)

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